About Us



Pacific Electric Inc was established in 1986, The number one priority of Pacific Electric Inc. is the customer, by offering the best quality electrical services and the most recent updated technology.

Progress: Through out the years Pacific Electric Inc. has grown in the Community of Nevada and continues to provided great customer service and updated technology. Through out the years Pacific Electric Inc. has build it’s reputation in the community with it’s loyalty,  commitment and utmost quality services to our customers. We at Pacific Electric Inc. take pride in the services we offer and will continue to thrive at being the best Electrical Contractor in Nevada.

Present: Pacific Electric has gone through many economical challenges and has had to restructure the company in order to survive the recession.  Although these past years have been a challenge Pacific Electric Inc.  continues to provide the utmost quality service and updated technology to it’s loyal customers as well as our new customers. Pacific Electric Inc. will continue to provide quality services and will always thrive to make improvements in all aspects of the  business and put the customer first.

Pacific Electric Inc. has internally restructured job positions and duties in order to operate with the ongoing economical  challenges.

We would like to thank all of our customers for their business and look forward to working with you for years to come